Trans-Continental Partnerships

Africa is one of the fastest growing technology markets and has become a key player in the global innovation ecosystem. We connect stakeholders and facilitate mutually beneficial innovation collaborations across Europe, Africa and around the world.

AfriConEU Roundtables

ATBN, together with the AfriConEU consortium of partners, is working to foster collaboration between African and European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and build a thriving EU-Africa innovation ecosystem. We hosted our second African Digital Ecosystems roundtable, this time focusing on Nigeria. We discussed how DIHs can help local startups and businesses harness the opportunities that have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic and address the challenges they face.

CODE Forum

As part of a consortium of partners, we hosted the Coalition for Digital Equality (CODE) Forum, an online event bringing together experts, practitioners and academics in digital inclusion, entrepreneurship and impact investment from across Africa, the UK and the globe to discuss collaborative approaches to bridging the digital gender divide.

Innovate UK Roundtables

We advise and support development practitioners and social innovators in developing innovative solutions to address the specific needs of women and girls. Through interactive sessions, participants are equipped with tools for using a ‘gender-lens’ approach to ensure that their businesses and organisations incorporate the women’s needs and concerns as part of their innovation processes, rather than as an afterthought.